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January 2011



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Jan. 12th, 2011

" Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set. I dont wanna forget "

" When love is a rageing sea, you can hold onto me "

January 12, 2010.
    Last entry I recall was on new years. Today is officially the 12th. Yesterday was the 11 (1/11/11 and yes I did indeed make a wish on 1/11/11 at 11:11 ) The day before that (the 10th) was my moms birthday. These years just seem to fly by and to be honest, I'm kinda starting to lose count =/ But oh well, not like she wants me to know her real age anyway. This morning my city had a 2 hour delay due to all the snow. This was also the first day o f exams, so of course everyone (including myself) were all really hoping for a snow day, That way our last exam (aka my hardest. aka bio ) would be on tuesday instead of friday. It definitely wouldnt be on monday because that is Martin Luther King Day. But obviously that didn't happen. Because if it did, I probably wouldnt be here writing this even though I really should be studying for my Geometry and History exam tomorrow. Both of which Im pretty sure im gonna get a C or lower. This sucks. And at this point im so fed up with fmls. Oh well.. sometimes thats just how the cookie crumbles i suppose. Oh and did i mention that yesterday was by far the worst day I have ever experienced in history of worst days? Well, it was. So many rediculous things went wrong that day that i dont even feel like naming them all. I really dont even feel like writing this entry right now, but i'm so glad i am. You have no freakin idea how good it feels just to be able to let everything out instead of holding it all in. It's like I can finally breathe now. But wait, I'm not quite finished...

You see, around march last year, I started talking to a certain someone. Of coure I had already kinda sorta known him previous to that time, but around that specific time in March of last year was when we had really started getting to know eachother. And to say it simply.. I fell for him. In the least. Feel head over heels like bricks under water. And to this day , I can honestly say, that during those months that we were getting to know eachother ( march & april ) I was truely happy. And I can't really say that i've completely been happy since then, i'm not saying i have been unhappy either.  But happy is just such a strong word to me that it really should only be used if true. Otherwise, its's meaningless. But yes, I was truely happy back then. And let me tell you, things were going amazing. It was literally like a fairytale that I was living in because it all seemed so surreal. Never in a billion years would I have thought that some thing (or someone ) so magical could happen to me. But somehow, it did. It really, truely did. Atleast for that amount of time anyway. Btw which wasn't even a month to be real. Mor like 15 days.. or just a little over 2 weeks i'd say. Nonetheless, it still happened. So right about now some of you are probably thinking in your head "aww little old Keshia found true love" And to be honest, at one point i truely thought I did. Either way, i'm gonna have to finish this story up someother time. I think im about to go make some coffee so i can attempt to do more studying. But for now, let's just say that not all love stories have a fairytale ending. <3

Jan. 1st, 2011

Writer's Block: Auld Lang Syne

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you'll stick to any of them? If so, for how long?

My new years resolution is basically just to find my true inner self... or in other words to discover the REAL me. This year Im not exactly sure if I'll truely stick to this resolution mainly because new year resolutions have always been a really hard thing for me to really follow through with. But If I had to give a more definite answer I am definitely leaning more to the yes side because I just have this feeling that I really can do this :)

" and everytime i look at you, it's like the first time. "

Hello 2011 (: How are ya? Who am i kidding, your fantastic considering you've only been around for 3 hours and 6 minutes! At the moment i guess you could say i'm not too bad myself either.. but lets not go there right now. So 3 hours and 10 minutes ago it was the last 2 minutes of 2010 and guess who i was spending them with?? That's right! You probably guessed it. Myself... I was literally all by myself in the living room watching the fox times square new years eve special. And in those moments where I was alone, it got me thinking. How on earth did i go from having plans every weekend and absolutely loving my life to being completely alone on one of the most celebrated days of the year? It was hard being there by myself and not wanting to just completely break down because there was no one beside me. But somehow, I managed to do it. I didn't cry or shed a single tear because in a weird way, i guess i kind of knew it would eventually be like that. I guess you could say that I had a rough year and most of the decisions i made in 2010 weren't the best... actually they were probably the absolute worst, but let's not go there either! Yeah, it was a rough year.. It really was. But a wise man once said " You've got to experience the pain, before you can experience the joy". Any ideas who that man was? Oh cmon! You know this one! That's right. It was the one, the only, Sean Combs! AKA Diddy, AKA P.diddy, AKA Puff Daddy. But yeah back to the point. With this being my first blog entry on this website this year, and well ever, I'd rather not technically consider it my official Blog entry. This one is more like.. a test through. Ya know, to see if I can actually get the hang of this thing and to see if I like it ( which btw, so far, I really do (: Oh yeah, and did I mention... ITS RAINING?! yepp, its 2:21 AM on 1/1/11 and its raining. Actually more like pouring. Random, i know but just thought you would like to know :) If not, o well. It's New Years for peeps sake! Wheres your holiday spirit? ;)

                                                          Until Next Time.
                                           Markeshia, (AKA kaleahpress)